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TOPIC: Question before installing Toorox

Question before installing Toorox 5 years 2 weeks ago #1728

Hi all Toorox gurus
I am a newbie with your distro , sorry if it sounds stupid..
I have launched the Toorox installer and it asks for a target device but as a long time user of different distros like arch based or debian based installers usually prompt for choosing all devices and mountpoints as that seems not being the case with yours.This target device is for the only / and I will be able to mount other partitions (e.g /home) later ?

Simple remark but I encountered many problems to succeed in fetching the ISO , the aachen.de server suffers from a lack of bandwidth and killed many of my downloads... wget -c was my friend luckily...

Can you recommand any partition layout for installation ?
I have a 20Gb free partition for /
My /home lives on 110 Gb partition
I can have another 3.3Gb partition (/boot or /var may be)
I have a dedicated 6Gb SWAP partition

I will keep on the same machine an Archbang distro ..
I like to have at least 2 distros on the same machine to prevent very serious problems...

I have tried to setup another gentoo based distro (Sabayon) but my /var was too short (required 5.5Gb for a system upgrade) ...I'd like to avoid such problem with Toorox...

I can't wait to test this new distro -)
Kind regards
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(SOLVED)Question before installing Toorox 5 years 2 weeks ago #1730

Ok solved now there's a feature to separate /home from / at the end of the installer process but it seems there's some bugs there , /home is not mounted automatically I am obliged to mount it by hand.
I 've found numerous problems after the install:
- unable to complete the upgrade of the distro because of different incompatible slots or packages masked.. I've tried to fix these problems but I solved 2 problems while upgrading certain applications (firefox) but some problems remain...
It's strange to see Gnome menus filled with different applications not installed by default is it a bug or feature ?My menus contain chrome & chromium (not installed) firefox (not installed) and so on...
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