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TOPIC: A month with Toorox Xfce

A month with Toorox Xfce 5 years 1 month ago #1674

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Hello everybody, first of all i'm sorry for my very bad english.

Tomorrow will end my 30 days experience with the Linux distro based on Gentoo, called Toorox, developed by Jörn Lindau a german Linux enthusiast. In the past i had already wrote a review on this very good distro. For a month i only used Toorox daily for at least 5 hours. My tasks was very common to all Linux users.
I want to understand if various Linux systems, show real and suitable differences that can allows defining, a specific distro, as "better" than others, or if theses characteristics aren't so meaningful to do so. Let me show what i had understood of Toorox.

Use of the system
My tipical system use consist of:
constant music playing with the music player to listen my over 4,500 tracks music collection.
multimedia player to watch a movies
xhtml editor to make web pages
text editor like LibreOffice Writer to write documents in odf and pdf formats
web browser to surf in the internet sea
file manager to file management
graphic editor like GIMP to edit pictures
I use the Terminal rarely. I don't use video editing software, and not much audio editor. Client e-mail is useless to me, and rarely i play a game with my computer.

Installed packages - Troubles
The tool to install packages is PortHole, that is the graphical user interface for Portage. It's a simple tool, but sometime is very slow, especially with some packages. With it i installed following packages:
- Opera browser - the only web browser that i use with pleasure. Installation ended quickly
- Foobiliard - a little billiard game. Nice and fast to install
- SMPlayer - I installed it because the preinstalled Parole, don't work regularly. It's an effective and easy to use multimedia player. Fast and smooth installation with PortHole
- Clementine - A music player that i believe is the better in the Linux world. Installation no-problem
- Evince - I installed it because ePDFViewer is a very useless tool. Installation very fast
- Filezilla - Although i'm a gFTP fan, this don't work. It's unable to connect with the host. Filezilla was the solution.
- Audacity - An audio tracks editor very effective and easy to use
- Bluefish- My preferred text and xhtml editor. Installation very easy and fast.

What i was unable to install with PortHole?
VLC, MY multimedia player. I was unable to install it because PortHole said that there was hidden packages! What that mean i don't know, but SMPlayer was a great substitute.
Other application that i was unable to install was Firefox. After one hour and half of configuration, PortHole was yet at work. A tragedy! Quitted and good night.
PortHole works very well; it has a Synaptic like user interface, but require some training to understand how to use it.
Compared with Synaptic i can say that PortHole has very similar performances, except when it try to install complex packages like Firefox, so the installation may take an astral year. Be very patient!

System performances
Toorox's boot is very very fast. Only 15 seconds from Grub screen to login screen. If you enable autologin, you could quickly access to desktop.
Apps windows open almost instantly, so i say that the "legendary" Gentoo speed is real, even in this derived distro.
In my 30 days experience with Toorox, i never saw an application with problems of any kind.
RAM consumption, in my typical configuration (with Clementine, Opera, Thunar e Bluefish o LibreOffice Writer running), was never over 600 MB of 3 GB available.
Apart when PortHole tried to install Firefox, in which the processor of my PC jump to 100%, the CPU never goes over 25% of its capacity (2.20GHz).
In conclusion Toorox 2012 Xfce is a distro with a very good retro-endurability.

During this month Toorox never crashed, and never i had to reboot it brutally.
The only problems that i had was with Opera that sometimes don't allows me to watch YouTube movies. Other times i was unable to connect to internet with my Huawei key. Just reboot the system or wait couple of hours, and only bak to work very well. That is a problem that i encounterd with other Linux distro much more famous, like Ubuntu and its daughters. I can say that Toorox user never fill betrayed by this distro, and once well configured Toorox is perfect.

Toorox is a Linux distro with high usability, thanks to Xfce, and to all software preinstalled. I used it very smoothly to satisfy almost all my needs, except to watch DVD. Although all codecs was installed i never be able to watch any DVD. Even an external USB Samsung CD/DVD burner worked.
Toorox allows a complete customization, thanks to Xfce control panel i had chaged the desktop wallpaper, and dislocated the panels to have a panel like a dock at the bottom, and a panel at the top of the screen. You can see my Toorox in the picture above.

My month with Toorox reach the end and i'm very satisfied. I recommend this distro to all who want to try something that is fast, easy, and a little bit "exotic". However a newbie could have some troubles to install packages.
My compliments to the developer. Thanks a lot :-)
Score: 8.5/10
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